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A few months ago my wife decided that our flooring was out dated. The hard wood floors had faded, and our carpet was looking worn. It wasn’t real bad, but it was past time for a change. So we began the demo process. It was a dirty job! We had to remove the old before we could replace it with the new. The old hardwood had been nailed in with big nails, and it was very difficult to remove! I had to take a large crowbar to pry it off the floor. Pieces of wood, nails , splinter, tac strips, staples, carpet padding, dirt, and dust were everywhere. We could not step anywhere without getting into a big mess!! I can explain the condition of our house with one word and that word is YUCK!! It was a mess for several weeks. Change doesn’t happen quickly! We would clean up one mess, and I would make another. The more I worked the messier it got!! It was not a fun place to live for a long time. Day after day we endured. My mom came over, and said, “Yuck, I could not live like this!!” I explained that it would all be worth it after we completed the project, but these projects always take longer than you think they will! All construction projects are messy, but some are a little worse than others. Yes, you can clean an area here and there, but it’s just a matter of time before the dirty areas over flow into the clean areas.

God reminds us in Romans 8:29 that He is at work in our lives molding and shaping us to be in the image of his Son! Maybe you are looking at your life right now, and things are a mess, and what used to be nailed down and secure has been ripped up and torn out of your life, and it’s no longer like it was. Things look disorganized!! You are living in a challenging environment, and you’re wondering why these things are happening. Your life looks like one big construction site! You are working like crazy, but things are messy and out of control! You didn’t know things could get so bad. Your old life has been ripped out piece by piece, and nothing is in its place. You get one area under control and another one quickly turns into an uncontrolled nightmare. What is going on ? Why is this happening? The next time you feel like your life is YUCK, God wants to remind you that He has big plans for you! There are some old habits, old ideas and some worn out ways that need to be removed and replaced. When God gets through making the changes your character will resemble Christ a little more. So remember the next time you are frustrated with the messy areas of your life, and all you see is YUCK... Remember this one thing:





Just like we had a plan for our flooring, God has a great renovation plan for your life, and in order to make things better He has to remove the old and replace it with the new, and life can get a little messy! But after things settle down and they get back to normal, you will look back and say God is good!! He has a great plan!! So remember the mess will not last forever!! Thank God for having the patience to keep making you better!!

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