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Several years ago I went to lunch with a couple of guys I worked with, and we went to a little restaurant in Chatsworth, Ga called Edna's. Edna's is a meat and three country restaurant that has great fried chicken!!  I was starving, so when I received my food I inhaled it!! That was a bad mistake, because some of it lodged in my throat. I didn't have time to wait on it to go down, so I just picked up my water and took a big drink to wash it down. This was a bigger mistake. The chicken didn't go down. Instead the water came back up. It didn't go down, and the chicken became lodged in my throat. I was choking !! I couldn't say a word. I couldn't breath at all. I was in big trouble!! Sothe two big guys who were with me performed the Heimlich maneuver on me. It  had no affect !! I was dying! At this moment I would have done anything for oxygen!! I just wanted somebody to do something!! Pick up a pole, hit me in the stomach!! I didn't care, I was dying!! Another guy tried the Heimlich maneuver, no change. I was turning blue by now!! Out of no where came a guy I didn't know. An angel? I am not sure, but he came over and hit me hard on my back right between my shoulder blades!! AH!!!!!!!! I could breath!!! The chicken was still lodged in my esophagus, but AH !!! I had hope, I had peace, and I knew I was going to make it!! That's been over 26 years ago, and I can still remember the relief I felt. It was definitely an AH!!!! moment.

Maybe you haven't choked on a piece of chicken lately, but you have had to swallow some bad news and that news is choking the life out of you! You are dying inside. Your friends have tried to come to your rescue, but their rescue attempts have failed, and you are desperate. You wish it hadn't happen, but it has and you never saw it coming! Now you are asking yourself how to get a handle on this. Your friends couldn't help, so if God doesn't help you are going to be in real trouble!!

When I am in real trouble I look in God's word for direction. In Proverbs 3:5-6 God gives us some advice when, we have been gut punched, and we don't understand what is happening or why it happened to us. God tells us a couple of things: This first thing to do during tough times is to trust God no matter what. The passage reminds us not to lean on our own understanding. The second is that we are supposed to Acknowledge Him!! We are to ask Him to guide us, and to give us the wisdom needed to navigate our challenges. We are to change our perspective, and acknowledge who God is! God is bigger than our problem!! God cares about us even more than our earthly father. God said He would always be with us, and always help us! God promises over time to turn the bad to good no matter how bad things are!! God has been turning bad into good for eternity, so he has plenty of practice!! God took the cross, the symbol of death, and turned it into a symbol of hope!! When we truly Acknowledge Him and spend time focusing on our awesome God we can  startbreathing again, and eventually let out a sigh of relief and say AH!!!!! 



Right now focus on who your God is and let the peace of God relax you. Just remember the key to the AH!!!!!  Is to Acknowledge  Him:)

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