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See Your Prayers Answered

Based on Joshua 4:19-24



Joshua Jar is a concept created by Stacey Williams, who believed he could design a visual tool for prayer based on Joshua 4:19-24.  He envisioned the stones being used as written prayer requests and being placed outside the jar.  When God answered the prayer, the stone would be placed into the jar as a reminder of God’s grace and power.  Sitting the Joshua Jar in the living room, on your desk, or in any prominent place will provide a constant reminder that God still answers prayers.  The Joshua Jar was also designed to be a conversation starter.  By placing the jar in your office or home, it provides an opportunity to share Christ and to pray for your family and friends.  The Joshua Jar not only serves as a visual reminder and a conversation starter but is a discipleship tool to strengthen your prayer life and to follow Christ in your everyday life.

Stacey Williams, Creator of Joshua Jar

Stcey Williams explaining Joshua Jar
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See how Ben Cormier uses his Joshua Jar and how it has strengthened and encouraged his prayer life.  

Place your jar in your home, office, or anywhere you spend time, and you will continually be reminded to pray for friends and family, whose requests are placed around the jar on the stones.

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Joshua Jar Made Sharing Christ Easy and Natural

“As a Christian, I have always wanted to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, but I have struggled with how do I start the conversation?  So as a result, I did what most of us do … I didn’t share.  Eight years ago I placed a Joshua Jar on my desk at work to help me remember God’s answers to prayer, but to my surprise, when people came into my office, they would ask about the jar and the rocks.  It was easy to share with them how God had miraculously answered my prayers!  After years of not sharing in spite of a desire to tell others about Christ, I finally had stumbled on something that made sharing easy and natural.  In the last eight years that I have had the Joshua Jar on my desk, I have shared with over 400 people, and I never even had to bring Christ up … they did!  Put a Joshua Jar on your desk and get ready for God to bring someone your way and to ask, “tell me about your jar and rocks.””

Stacey Williams with all his Joshua Jars
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