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give Him your LIST!

If you are like me you are a little forgetful? I have managed to remember all 26 of my anniversaries which has been a good thing! One thing I’m not good at is remembering the items my wife ask me to pick up at the grocery store! I have to make a LIST or I will bring home the Ice Cream that wasn’t even on the list, and forget most of the other things! Another thing I forget to do is to remind my kids to do the small things that would make my life easier. One action that has helped is I have started giving them a LIST to take out the trash, to get the mail, to fold the clothes, and clean out the litter box. It’s definitely made my life much easier! It gets old doing it all yourself ! We weren’t made to do life alone, but too many days I try to do it all by myself! God wants to help me, but the day slips by without me remembering to ask Him for help. It’s easy to get so focused on dealing with life’s challenges that we don’t cast our cares on Him. We end up carrying all of our care all by ourselves! What if you made a LIST everyday of all of your worries and challenges? Then you could give them all to God, and let Him help you with today! You could say:





with this, and that and everything in between! Write Him a List, and include everything that is bothering you, and don’t leave anything out! Write out your LIST right now, and unload your struggles! Take a couple minutes right now and read your List out loud to God, and you will see that today will be a little less stressful and easier! After you gotten your burdens off your chest you, and given your List to God you will breath easier and will feel more energized! With a spring in your step you will be saying:





Don’t forget to give Him your LIST!! You will be glad you did!

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