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Who do You Turn TO?

In 2 Timothy 1:12 NLT things were not going very well for Paul. He was suffering in prison. Maybe you are in a situation where you have been suffering for a while. In your mind, it feels like a prison, and you find yourself asking several times a day if you will ever get out of this. You may be in a job that you hate, and for years you haven’t been able to find a better one. You could be in a marrige where you are being treated poorly and have been for a while. Maybe you have been battling a health problem for years and your pain is inescapable, and you feel hopeless and helpless. Paul no doubt was feeling lonely and discouraged. In those tough situations what do you do? Who do you turn TO? When your days are too long, too hard, too challenging, too painful, or too uncomfortable, we need to do what Paul did. He turned to: T-he O-ne 2 Timothy 2:12 NLT This is why I am suffering here in prison. But I am not ashamed of it because I know the One I trust. Paul reminds us to trust in the One and not just anyone. The One that Paul trusted spoke the worlds into existence. The One he trusted created everything. The One he trusted rules on Heaven and Earth. Paul is reminding us when things are bad, God is good, and we can trust Him!

So remind yourself right now that The One I can trust made me on purpose and for His purpose. The One I trust knows me and loves me more than anyone in this world. The One I trust does the impossible a million times per day! So when I can’t face tomorrow who can I turn to but The One and the only Lord! Trust Him today,  He is trustworthy!! Give Him thanks for what He is going to do in your situation!

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