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I took the family to Fort Mountain, and I attempted to teach my wife, and my kids how to SKIP rocks across the lake. It was a lot of fun!! Through trial and error I have learned that some rocks are easy to SKIP, but others are not so easy. In fact, some are impossible to skip! A few years ago one of our kids brought the stomach virus home, and we all wanted the virus to SKIP us. My wife used the Clorox wipes like crazy, and our house smelled like a Lysol factory, but one by one we ended up getting it:( I managed to be the last one to get it, but I thought it was going to Skip me! It took us all down!! Sometimes life's challenges no matter how many precautions we take they still sneak in and take us by surprise. So what do you need to know when you aren't able to SKIP the challenges that you so desperately want to? Daniel 6 reveals what you need to know when we can't SKIP.

Daniel was an exceptional employee so much so that his coworkers were so jealous that they wanted to kill him. They examined Daniel's life and came to the conclusion that the only way they could get him in trouble was to pass a law against praying to his God. That is exactly what they did.

Daniel consistently prayed everyday 3 times a day. He knew that life was difficult, and he could not be his best or achieve his best without God's help, so he prayed 3 times a day everyday. They passed the law that he could not pray to his God. Daniel prayed anyway, and he got caught praying . He disobeyed the law. As punishment for breaking the law they threw him in the lions den, and God protected him. If Daniel could have, he would have chosen to SKIP the punishment. But, many times in life we don't get to SKIP the tough stuff. We have to go through it. Daniel demonstrates how we need to respond when we can't SKIP the hard stuff. Daniel's attitude toward the tough challenges is for us to continually





Under no circumstances should you try to handle your challenges by yourself!! The Lord wants to be your Rock so don't skip your time with Him!

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