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LAND on Your Feet

This is the time of year that you start getting excited about football. We can hear the Murray High band practicing from our house. I used to love to play high school football! What I didn't enjoy was coach Buddy Wendle's practices. We used to practice for 3 hours in the hot sun, and we would graciously get a little Dixie cup of water to drink. We were so thirsty that we literally wanted to lick the dew off the ground. We all thought we would die of thirst!! If we survived the thirst we still had one huge hurdle to overcome, and that was the dreaded 40 forty yard sprints at the end of our 3 hour practice in the hot sun. These grueling sprints were where many of our team mates would decide to quit and let their dream of playing high school football die. In my junior year in high school we had 102 players start with the dream, and by the first game in August we were down to 22 players. I was one of the survivors:) My dad wouldn't let me quit. There were many times when I thought I was going to pass out, and die from heat exhaustion. I am glad my dad had me stick with it!! I would later go through some life challenges that would knock me off my feet!! What about you ? What challenge are you facing right now? Have you knocked down? Are you thinking you may not make it?

Are Your Thinking You May Not Make It?

I was reading Psalms 118:17, and David was struggling, and he didn't know if he would make it or not. He was down for the count!! It did not look good!! He decided to pray and ask God for help, and God came to his rescue , and David said " I will Live And Not Die, I will declare the works of the Lord" Maybe you are down right now? You may feel sick, exhausted, and your dreams may have been shattered? I am not sure what you are going through, but if you will pray and ask God for help He will come and give you the grace you need to live again! He knows life has knocked you down, but He wants you to LAND back on your feet!! He wants you to LAND safely!! He wants you to not give up, but instead get up!! He wants to bless you, and for you to:





So today don't let life get you down!

Pray that God will give you the strength to LAND!!

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