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My grandmother’s specialty was making blackberry jam. Her’s was delicious. Her biscuits were amazing as well. One day I was visiting her when she had just finished making several jars of her delicious jam, and she offered me some but she didn’t have any of her biscuits, so the jam was good but not great.

All throughout the Bible we see people in various difficult situations. Some of them are between a rock and a hard place, as the old saying goes. You could say that they were in a jam. What about you, are you in a tough place right now? Are you in a jam? If so, what should you do? When I think of a biblical character who was in a jam, I am reminded of Jonah. God told Jonah that he should go to Nineveh to preach. Jonah decided to disobey God and instead of going to Nineveh he goes in the opposite direction to Tarshish.

Disobeying God is not the smartest thing to do. Jonah ends up getting swallowed by a big fish. Day one came and went and Jonah still thought he could find a way out of this floating submarine. Day two came and went and Jonah was still convinced he could handle this, but on three Jonah realizes that he was in real trouble. He wasn’t as strong or as smart as he thought he was. He realizes that he was in trouble, so after three days he finally prayed.

Jonah reminds us what to the next we are in a JAM.

The first step is to realize as soon as possible that when you are in a jam, you shouldn’t try to get out of it on your own. Similar to when I was eating jam by itself at my grandmother’s house, the jam was good, but not great. By ourselves neither are we. The jam was made to be teamed up with the bread, and when it is, it’s amazing! Maybe you are in a JAM right now? The next time you are in JAM remember you are:




and the JAM was made for The Bread OF Life! So do like Jonah and call on Him! You weren’t made to handle life alone. Call on Him now, get ready for Him to do something amazing!

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