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Our New Store will be online soon ... But for now, You can order all our products by contacting us by Phone, Email, or Message.  Thanks for supporting Joshua Jar! 

Call or Email Us to Take Advantage of the Mother's Day Specials!

Summer Specials

Joshua Jar Combo Specials

Give the Gift of Prayer; Give the Gift of Hope!  We are offering two Combos: 2 Large Joshua Jars and 2 Prayer Rocks to share for $49 or 1 Large Joshua Jar and 2 Prayer Rocks to give.  We are offering FREE SHIPPING or Pick-up.  Contact us by email or phone to get your order!

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Joshua Jar

Joshua Jar provides a visual reminder to pray and to share your faith with others through prayer.  The Joshua Jar can be used in your home as a family reminder to pray, in your office or workplace, in your church or small group, or anywhere you spend time.  The Joshua Jar is a way to find encouragement and hope as you pray and see answered prayers.  Learn more about Joshua Jar by clicking on the video on the left. 

Give the Gift of Prayer;
Give the Gift of Hope

- Joshua Jar -

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