Welcome to the Joshua Jars website.

The Joshua Jars are making a difference in people’s live all across the United States and Canada.  They are increasingly reminding people to pray more in schools, churches, small groups, children’s ministries, hospitals, and family homes. Many people are purchasing them for Christmas, birthday, wedding, Mother’s Day, graduation, and father’s day gifts.  They are great conversation starters to share your faith.  Get yours today to improve your prayer life and watch God move in your life!

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    The Joshua Jar
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  • The Joshua Jar
    Joshua Jar is based on the principles in Joshua 4:19-24


The Joshua Jar Rocks are hand selected to give you a smooth surface to write your prayer request on, and a variety of sizes and different shades are strategically placed in the burlap bag so that when the rocks are placed on your desk they are easily noticed. The ROCKS offer several benefits. They will help you:

R-emember God’s answers to your prayers.
O-verflow your faith into others.
C-all on God more.
K-eep the faith.
S-hare your faith.


How to use the Joshua Jar:

1. Select a rock and write a prayer request and the date you begin praying
2. Place the rock beside the Joshua Jar until you receive an answer
3. Write a date on the rock when you receive an answer
4. Keep the jar on your desk at work or at home as a constant reminder of how many times God has answered your prayers.