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Joshua Jar is available at several retail locations in the North Georgia and East Tennessee areas.  We are in several of the Elder Ace Hardware stores.  This picture is of our beautiful display at Elder Ace in Cleveland, Tennessee.  Check out Joshua Jar online at www.joshuajar.com, and to find all of our retail locations, check out our list at https://www.joshuajar.com/retail-locations  Thank you for your continued prayer and support for the ministry of Joshua Jar!



How is your day going?  On a scale from one to ten how has your day been?  Some days just aren't fun. You may have been treated unfairly!  You may have suffered a break up?  You could have gotten some sad news today?  You could be suffering from one of the dreadful D's: divorce, depression, discouragement?  The great news about God is that HE is still in the creating business!!  If we will trust Him, HE will turn our bad situations into something GOOD!!  Several years ago, I had one of those bad days.  I was in a bad accident, and I ended up being hospitalized for 37 days.  I ended up loosing part of my left foot, but God took that bad experience and gave me a more tender heart toward people who are hospitalized. God specializes in turning the bad into GOOD.  In Romans 8:28&29 God promises that He is still working in our lives making us more


Tonya Landen Leonard ... Miguel returned to Spain today and we will miss him dearly.  I never thought God would answer a 12 year old boy's prayer for a brother, certainly not one from Spain. However, in 2014 I explained the Joshua Jar that I received from my friend Stacey Williams. Gage wrote on a rock as you can see that he was going to pray for a brother on 11/26/14.  I, of course, thought no more about it and encouraged him to consider another prayer. :) God did in deed answer Gage's prayer and brought him a brother all the way from Spain. Miguel will always be a brother to Gage and a part of our family. #godanswersprayer   #joshuajar    www.joshuajar.com    

Joshua Jar Winner – Sue Bates


I WON THIS FROM Joshua Jar.  ISNT THAT AWESOME?  The way it works — you write on the rocks what or who you want prayed for and lay it on the outside of the jar.  Then, you can pick up that rock and hold it as you pray for the person each day or whenever you can.  After the prayer is answered, then you put it in the jar … if you run out of rocks, you can buy more.  I wrote “Jesus is my Rock” on one of them to carry in my pocket or purse.   Y’all should go there and check it out … I think they are awesome!!  Thank You @Stacy Williams

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20% Off Customer Appreciation Sale Use the coupon code PRAY in the checkout of www.joshuajar.com ... and you will receive this special offer! Thank you for participating and for sharing your #joshuajar stories during our Mother's Day Giveaway! We have been overwhelmed by the stories of how God is answering prayer and using Joshua Jar. Thank you again for your support of the ministry of Joshua Jar! Share this coupon code with your friends! God Bless!!



How is your energy level today?  Has your life become boring?  Are you stuck in a rut?  I have noticed that when I am not living for something specific I begin to lose my energy!  I begin to die on the inside.  Maybe, you need to DREAM again! Ephesians 3:20 is a verse that is made for people who have a DREAM and for people with a potential to DREAM!  God reminds us in this verse that He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask, or think of asking!!  What about you?  Do you have a DREAM?  Has God placed a DREAM in your heart?  The demands and challenges of life may have buried your dreams like a avalanche, but God's word reminds us that DREAMS are possible with his help!! The pages of scripture are a huge encouragement to us if by chance you have had a DREAM that you have given up on.



When I was a kid I liked to play games with my dad!  The great thing about playing with my dad was that when I played with him he would explain what it took to win the game then we would play, and he would guide me with a little HINT.  When we would play checkers he would ask me questions like, "Are you sure you want to do that?  Have you thought about doing this?"  When we would play cards, he would ask me, "Are you sure you want to discard that?  You might want to hold that one?  You might need that one a little later?"  He could have easily beaten me, but he wanted to guide me to success.  He didn't want to play the game for me, but he wanted to coach and guide me to become an expert player!  I loved playing with my dad!!  He didn't play for me, but he would help me



One of my favorite motivational songs is YMCA by the Village People.  It is an upbeat inspirational song that always makes me  feel stronger, energetic, and motivates me to act!  The song's lyrics starts out by talking about a young man that is out of town and feeling down.  As I was listening to the song, I was reminded of a young man named Daniel that was captured by King Nebuchadnezzar, and he was taken away from his hometown to Babylon as a prisoner.  No doubt, he was lonely and down, but he was determined not to be defiled by eating the kings food.  He took courage and acted boldly, and he asked permission for himself and his 3 friends to not eat the kings food for 10 days as a test, and God blessed!!  Daniel and his friends looked healthier than the others, so they didn't have to eat the kings food!  By Daniel's courageous actions he set the

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