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FER Vent


Is there a secret to getting your prayers answered? I have often wondered what can I do that will help me get my prayers answered. The Bible tells us that the key to answered prayers is being fervent when we pray! James 5:16b KJV The effectual FER-Vent prayers of a righteous man availeth much. Here is an easy way to remember what FER-Vent means. It means: Frequently Expressed Rigorously Venting your needs to God. Go ahead, God is excited about helping you! Call on Him now!

Joshua Jar is in Three New States!


Joshua Jar is spreading across America!  In the recent weeks, we have added three new states to the list: Washington State, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.  We are praying that Joshua Jar will be in every state by the end of the year, and we are asking for your help to Give the Gift of Prayer ... to Give the Gift of Hope.  If know someone in an unreached state, share Joshua Jar with them, or share on your Facebook or social media site.  We believe that Joshua Jar can make a difference in someone's prayer life and ultimately make a difference in their lives and in the people around them ... because God hears our prayers, and God answers.



M&M chocolates candies are the most famous treats in the world.  They were actually invented in 1941 by Forest Mars and Bruce Murrie.  Mars & Murrie is what the M&M stands for.  M&M's are the most popular movie treat next to popcorn.  If you are like me you love M&M's!!  It doesn't take, but a few to make you smile and to bring you happiness, but I can never be fully satisfied with just a few.  I want much more!!  M&M's kind of remind me of answered prayers.  When God answers one of my prayers it makes me smile, and it brings me happiness, but I want more!!  I can never get enough.  God knew that we would never be satisfied with a few little answers to our prayers, and  that could have been the reason He told us in Ephesians 3:20b GNT That God is able to do Much More than we can ever ask for, or even think

Joshua Jar at Cedar Springs Christian Stores in Knoxville


Joshua Jar at Cedar Springs Christian Stores in Knoxville! Remember when God told Joshua to collect 12 stones and set them up as a memorial to God's goodness? This beautifully packaged gift - Joshua Jar - is based on that same theory. Write your prayers on a stone and as they are answered put them in the jar to remind yourself of God's goodness. #cedarspringschristianstore #joshuajar #stones #memorial #prayer



Luke 18:1a "Men ought To Always Pray and not give up." Today make prayer a priority!!  TAP into God's power, and make it a habit: T-o A-lways P-ray Life can get so busy and out of control, so today remember to slow down and TAP the brakes, and ask God for His guidance.

Check Out Our Retail Locations


Joshua Jar is available at several retail locations in the North Georgia and East Tennessee areas.  We are in several of the Elder Ace Hardware stores.  This picture is of our beautiful display at Elder Ace in Cleveland, Tennessee.  Check out Joshua Jar online at www.joshuajar.com, and to find all of our retail locations, check out our list at https://www.joshuajar.com/retail-locations  Thank you for your continued prayer and support for the ministry of Joshua Jar!



How is your day going?  On a scale from one to ten how has your day been?  Some days just aren't fun. You may have been treated unfairly!  You may have suffered a break up?  You could have gotten some sad news today?  You could be suffering from one of the dreadful D's: divorce, depression, discouragement?  The great news about God is that HE is still in the creating business!!  If we will trust Him, HE will turn our bad situations into something GOOD!!  Several years ago, I had one of those bad days.  I was in a bad accident, and I ended up being hospitalized for 37 days.  I ended up loosing part of my left foot, but God took that bad experience and gave me a more tender heart toward people who are hospitalized. God specializes in turning the bad into GOOD.  In Romans 8:28&29 God promises that He is still working in our lives making us more


Tonya Landen Leonard ... Miguel returned to Spain today and we will miss him dearly.  I never thought God would answer a 12 year old boy's prayer for a brother, certainly not one from Spain. However, in 2014 I explained the Joshua Jar that I received from my friend Stacey Williams. Gage wrote on a rock as you can see that he was going to pray for a brother on 11/26/14.  I, of course, thought no more about it and encouraged him to consider another prayer. :) God did in deed answer Gage's prayer and brought him a brother all the way from Spain. Miguel will always be a brother to Gage and a part of our family. #godanswersprayer   #joshuajar    www.joshuajar.com    

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