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Changed by Prayer

Joshua Jar is a concept created by Stacey Williams, who believed he could design a visual tool for prayer based on Joshua 4:19-24.  He envisioned the stones being used as written prayer requests and being placed outside the jar.  When God answered the prayer, the stone would be placed into the jar as a reminder of God’s grace and power.  Sitting the Joshua Jar in the living room, on your desk, or any prominent place will provide a constant reminder that God still answers prayers.  The Joshua Jar was also designed to be a conversation starter.  By placing the jar in your office or home, it provides an opportunity to share Christ and to pray for your family and friends.  The Joshua Jar not only serves as a visual reminder and a conversation starter but is a discipleship tool to strengthen your prayer life and to follow Christ in your everyday life.

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Joshua Jar Made Sharing Christ Easy and Natural

What People Are Saying About Joshua Jar

Our music team uses the Joshua Jar during our rehearsals as a way of praying for specific requests and of seeing those prayers answered.  It is a great way to encourage the music team to pray for one another and to see God move in prayer.

I WON THIS FROM Joshua Jar.  ISNT THAT AWESOME?  The way it works — you write on the rocks what or who you want prayed for and lay it on the outside of the jar.  Then, you can pick up that rock and hold it as you pray for the person each day or whenever you can.  After the prayer is answered, then you put it in the jar … if you run out of rocks, you can buy more.  I wrote “Jesus is my Rock” on one of them to carry in my pocket or purse.   Y’all should go there and check it out … I think they are awesome!!  Thank You @Stacy Williams

Sue Bates, Joshua Jar Winner

My family uses the Joshua Jar in our home as a way to remember to pray for special requests and needs.  It is a great encouragement to see the stones placed in the Joshua Jar when God answers our prayers!

Bart Ponders, 21Dive Ministries

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Use Joshua Jar as a Reminder to Pray and as Encouragement When You See Answered Prayers!
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